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Hey everyone. Welcome to HockeySkilz.com We built this program because we have realized that most of the training on the web is designed for the older hockey player. Athletes who already understand the game and have developed some level of skill and athletic ability, but the younger kids (those under the age of 13) mite, squirt, and peewee aged players don't really have any resources to help them develop - other than live coaching. Here's the problem with live coaching. You, your kid, and you coach have a limited amount of time together. Ice time is difficult to come by when everyone's schedule allows, and if your coach is any good then several people are trying to get that same time slot with your coach that you need. Most programs are following USA Hockey's(link) recommendation and following the ADM(link) model at practice. We believe that there is a lot of value in the ADM model, but it has its shortcomings as well. Currently most kids peewee and below are getting a couple of hours a week of ADM practice time and most programs don't have the bandwidth for your kid to get the attention and focus they need.

Beyond that there is a lot of down time in the ADM model when kids are waiting in line for their turn to do each drill. Often the coaches are well intentioned dads who may or may not have ever played the sport of hockey.

Hockey is a dynamic sport that requires a lot of control and skill. It requires an attention to detail that most programs can't provide. Where a sport like soccer you can toss out a ball and the majority of kids below the age of 14 can go out kick the ball around and can kick it toward and even score a goal. (note: I'm not saying soccer isn't a skilled sport - at the highest level these are athletes who have amazing skills and have worked hard to obtain these skills) . Hockey requires that you stand on an awkward device (skate) on a slick surface (ice) and first just try to figure out how to move forward without breaking your elbow. Then you have to add a stick, a puck, opponents and an objective. This is exceptionally hard and 2 hrs a week on the ice in ADM practices isn't going to transform your kid into a Hockey Athlete. They probably touch the puck 100 times a week if they are lucky. Let's face it, if you don't provide your kids the resources to develop as a true athlete then they will never be more than average. We realize where we as coaches are failing our athletes and we are intent on changing that. If you want to give your athlete the chance to succeed and advance to the top level of the sport - it starts now. This program will teach you the skills you need to develop proper technique, positioning, power, and edge control. We will give you drills and schedules to help your young athlete develop the Hockey Skilz necessary to progress them to the top level of the sport. Come join us and give your hockey player the best chance of success.